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Capes By Sheena
Capes By Sheena 
Salon Wear 
If you are looking for more than just fashionable and stylish capes and aprons you have come to the right place. Capes by Sheena is your one-stop shop where hairdressers and salon owners looking to equip themselves with all the right tools and accessories can come. We have got a diverse range of products ranging from capes and aprons right down to smocks and towels. Whether you are planning to set up your own salon or just looking to stock up on apparel, we have got everything you could possibly need and that too, all under one roof. One visit to our online store will certainly prove what we are talking about. More than just fashionable and stylish designs, our collection is characterized by durability and our products have been designed for maximum comfort. Keeping in mind the long hours hairdressers have to put in and the difficulty involved in maintaining the apparel, we ensure that we make life easier for you while you get the most out of them.
Every industry has its own attire that it stipulates for people belonging to that particular industry. For example, the hospitality industry has its own dress code that is decided according to its own specifications. These guidelines help distinguish those working in one particular industry from the others. People working at a spa or a health resort are required to wear their own specific attire. At, we have a diverse range of hairdressing capes and stylish salon aprons to help you pick out what's best for your own salon. We also provide you with special discounts and exciting offers to help you get the best deals. Visit us online at to know more about the special privileges we offer our valued VIP customers. More than just providing you with the right apparel for your place, we ensure that you have everything you need to add that special touch for your customers while helping you take care of the well being of your employees.
Stylish capes and aprons can certainly add to the brand value of your personal establishment. Today, appearances are everything and ensuring that you make the right impression is absolutely vital to building up a good reputation and standing. We all know how fast information can travel on the web and social media. Online reviews by your customers are probably one of the best ways for you to reach out to your customers. Social media can certainly help you engage with them and when clients stepping into your store for the first time see your fashionable and stylish uniforms along with the sophisticated ambience, they are sure to spread the word online. Our range of apparel for hairdressing and beauty salons includes several basic necessities in addition to specific requirements including hairdresser aprons. When stocking up on your inventory, as a salon owner, you need to factor in the needs of your customers as well as those of your employees.
Just like children, sometimes adults too enjoy indulging in a few child like experiences. Whether it is hairdressing capes for your customers or stylish salon aprons for your employees, you can certainly play a major role in using our fashionable and modern designs. We also offer clients the option of customizing their own designs to help you market your own individual brand.
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